The Angel Quilt Project
UK Division

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Hello, everyone:

Welcome to the Angel Quilt Project UK Division

The Angel Quilt Project UK Division is still up and running albeit on a much smaller and quieter scale than in past years.

We are a group of stitchers and quilters dedicated to providing comfort to parents during an anxious time through our small baby quilts.

We ask that you stitch a suitable child friendly motif on a 12" square of cross stitch fabric (or larger if you wish). This is then forwarded to a finisher who will make it up into a small quilt of approximately 21" x 22". These tend to fit the small cribs provided in our UK hospitals.

The completed quilts are then sent to a small number of neo-natal units in the UK where the staff donates them to the families of these special babies just to let them know someone is thinking of them during the anxious times they are facing.

If you would like more details of the group and how to become a member please contact:

Additionally, you may wish to visit the Project's main website for more information.

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